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Spa Packs

Spa Packs

Cedar Tubs Direct provides the very latest in spa and hot tub equipment and accessories and spa packs are the specialty of Cedar Tubs Direct, and are made up of salt water sanitizers, ozone, mineral ionizer, as well as chemicals, which will turn any spa or hot tub into an aquatic delight. The Cedar Tubs Direct website stocks just about every kind of spa part, which range from the spa heaters to the completed spa packs and in a bid to allow buyers to enjoy total convenience when they make a purchase on spa packs, Cedar Tubs Direct has categorized all spa and hot tub items, such as spa packs, chemicals, sauna accessories, hot tub accessories, as well as heaters, pumps and filters. In addition, Cedar Tubs Direct will ship the spa packs to any location in Northern America. Due to the fact that the prices of our range of hot tub accessories and spa packs are reasonable when compared to other suppliers, making use of the online buying portal to buy spa packs, as well as other necessary spa and hot tub equipment, like heaters and pumps is a wise financial move.


Spa packs is essentially the equipment that is needed to control the functions of the spa, and in essence, the spa packs are the ideal choice for first time spa owners who are looking to buy a complete spa pack that will allow their spa to be completely operational. The spa packs include a control box, heater, and circuits for the blower, light, ozonator and a second pump, if required. Spa packs are commonly referred to as the heart or brain of any spa, as it controls all of the functions of the unit. The Balboa VS501Z 5.5-1.5kW digital spa pack has been voted as the world's best spa pack and is manufactured in the US. This spa pack offers no sensor switch hassles, and the smart sensor technology of the revolutionary spa pack will give buyers the assurance that all safety functions are active, and also offers an automatic adaptation to flow direction and removes the need for excessive cycling. If you are looking for spa packs with which to upgrade your existing spa tub, the Balboa VS501z provides the latest in advanced technology.


Additional features of the spa pack include a cycle program, sleep mode, economy mode, as well as the ability to self-diagnosis problems. The spa packs offered by Balboa are sold with a stainless steel portable heater, a 12-volt light wiring assembly, with AMP plug, one loose 4-pin AMP plugs and a laminated control instruction sheet and instruction manual. In order to view the spa packs and to see the features and specifications of the spa packs, please refer to the Cedar Tubs Direct website at The spa pack is now offered via the website for the incredible price of $390.00, which is a 5 percent saving off the retail cost. 

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