Sauna Heaters 101

Sauna Heaters 101

If you wish to obtain the very best sauna heaters, then come to us at our sister company Heaters4Saunas. We use only the finest components in all our sauna heaters thus making your sauna experience a true delight!

Superior components

At Heaters4Saunas we believe that true quality reflects in the product. Therefore, all our sauna heaters stand the test of time and have provided 100% customer satisfaction to all our clients. All our sauna heaters have been made using 100% surgical stainless steel. That means no unsightly rust marks, scratches, or scars in your sauna heater. Besides this, we ensure that we provide you with a lifetime warranty on all our heaters. This also includes the Infrared sauna heaters that we have manufactured for our own saunas.

Myriad heating choices

When it comes to your sauna heater you want to be able to leverage a wide range of heating options. At Cedar Tubs Direct we ensure that we provide you that extra advantage in heating options. Our range of heating choices is truly comprehensive resulting in a superior sauna experience for you. You can select from the conventional and traditional rock style Finnish heaters or try our carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters. Why not try both? We also provide you with wood fired stainless steel sauna heaters. These are imported directly from Finland (the land of the sauna). Wood fired sauna heaters possess the largest heating capacity compared to most other sauna heaters so if you want it hot and steamy this might be your choice! We obsess about the quality of our products and we are always working directly with our sauna heater manufacturers to constantly improve our/their products.  This way we can guarantee that our sauna heaters exceed our and your expectations.

Electric Heater - Room size

A Finnish style heater needs to take into a few considerations when choosing its size.  Are the walls insulated?  If not, then add 20% extra surface area to each uninsulated wall when calculating cubic feet.  Is the door glass or insulated?  If it is not insulated, then add 50% to the door area when calculating cubic feet.  another very important consideration is proper venting?  A sauna should not be airtight.  Colder air must enter the sauna and vent properly outside.  An intake vent is usually found on traditional doors.  Normally a sauna will have an exhaust vent on the same wall as the heater.  Movement of air in a sauna is important for both comfort and enjoyment. 

Here is a general table of Electrical Heater Sizing


Room Size (cubic Feet)


Wire Size


100-150 ft3



30 Amp

150-250 ft3



30 Amp

250-300 ft3



40 Amp

300-370 ft3



40 Amp

370-450 ft3



50 Amp



We are one of the few companies in North America that offer Infrared sauna heaters as an option.  Most companies want you to buy their complete units. Our 300-watt infrared sauna heaters are made from carbon fiber. These have large surface areas and hence provide a large heating capacity compared to other smaller ceramic infrared heaters. The carbon fiber paper sheet placed in between 7-layer fiber glass (others only use 4) makes them virtually indestructible.  To correctly size an infrared sauna heater, you should calculate the cubic footage of your room.  Each cubic ft should have 10 Watts of Infrared heating capacity.  So, a 4' x 4' x 7' sauna room will need at least 1120 Watts of heating capacity.  Based on 300 Watts per heater you should have at least 4 heaters in such as room size.