Hot Tub Heaters 101

Hot Tub Heaters 101

A spa hot tub heater is a must especially in colder climes. You would obviously want your spa experience to be delightful and luxurious. For the finest range of wood hot tub heaters, we at Cedar Tubs Direct are your best source.

Finest quality

We are a small family-owned company and hence believe that customer satisfaction and quality are of prime importance. Therefore, we take great pains in ensuring that only the very best components and parts get used in manufacturing our hot tub heaters. We source high quality, superior hot tub heaters from leading manufacturers such as Balboa Instruments and Pentair Water. Hence you can be sure that these heaters are of the very finest grades as per industry standards. Besides this, we ensure that even our sanitization products for use on our hot tubs are environment friendly. This is because we truly care for the environment and believe our customers want eco-friendly products.

Myriad heating choices

When it comes to hot tub heaters, we at Cedar Tubs Direct provide you with unparalleled choices. Our assorted range of heating options set us apart from so many other hot tub and sauna manufacturing companies. We want your spa experience to be delightful and holistic which is why we make sure to provide plenty of variety in terms of heating choices. You can select from options such as natural gas pool heaters and electric digital spa packs to even propane spa heaters. We can also provide you with exterior wood burning hot tub heaters. Thus, with us you will be able to leverage a wide range of heating choices.

Is your heater out of order?

Many of our customers have existing spa heaters which have become obsolete. Their water heaters for hot tubs would have become so old that they no longer function properly anymore. In such cases our first class range of Balboa hot tub heaters can come to the rescue. These superior heaters can seamlessly replace any existing damaged heaters you may have in your tub. To get your existing heaters replaced all you need to do is to contact us at 1800 759 8990. Once you call us, we will send over our qualified and expert engineer to help you pick on the correct replacement model.


At Cedar Tubs Direct we have a wide range of hot tub spa heaters guaranteed to accomplish any heating requirements you may have. Some of our superior hot tub heaters include Balboa digital hot tub water heaters with LED as well as LCD controllers, Pentair Minimax natural gas pool and spa heaters as well as Pentair Minimax digital hot tub heaters with LCD control functionality. In case you wish to avail heating across longer distances you can ask for our Balboa 25 feet extension cable. Our waterproof universal remote control the Balboa Dolphin is another prized extension of our products. Our Chofu Gas Fired heater needs no electricity to operate which can be great! We even have a Chofu Wood fired heater which operates without electricity.