Balboa VS501 Spa Pack

Balboa VS501 Spa Pack

Balboa Water Group is the largest manufacture of spa packs and hot tub heaters in the world. Located in Tustin, CA these hot tub heaters are made 100% in the USA.

The Balboa VS501 spa pack is the most popular and universal retrofit spa pack and will work with almost every make and model of hot tub. The spa pack is capable of running one primary jet pump (one speed or two speeds) plus a secondary pump which can be a circulation pump, a blower, or a 2nd jet pump. 

The spa pack has patented M7 technology which means that flow direction is not important. It can be mounted upside down and will still work. Unlike other spa packs the VS501 has no pressure switch or hi limit switch which are often the cause of spa heater failure.  Instead, it uses two temperature sensors before and after the heater element to detect flow and temperature.

The VS501 comes standard with 2” pipe union fittings but can easily be adapted to 1.5” by inserting reducer unions.

The standard retrofit kit comes with a VL401 LCD controller that has temp control, jest on/off, light and blower options. LCD controllers are much better than other LED controllers as the LCD display will show up bright and clear during both the day and night. LED controllers often have red lighting which is very hard to see under sunlight. When buying a VS501 be sure to ask on the model of the controller!

The Balboa VS501 from Northern Lights also comes with all the cables needed to adapt to any system. This includes pump cables, light cables, and ozone cables. This makes retrofitting quick and easy. The other advantage you have when buying your spa heater from Northern Lights is that you will receive a complete 26-page detailed instructions on how to install your hot tub heater. Unlike other companies we have in house engineering and provide free technical support for the life of your heater.

The Balboa VS501 has a 2-year manufacture warranty and can be serviced directly through Northern Lights. Unlike other companies we support all the products you purchase directly. We have been in business for over 15 years and this is a result of the service we provide our customers. 

Call us 1 800 758 8990, you will not be disappointed!