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Chemicals 101

At Cedar Tubs Direct we provide you with the finest quality of chemicals guaranteed to work well with your wooden hot tubs and any plastic spas. These chemicals have been specially formulated to work with your wooden hot tubs to provide maximum life of your hot tub, while be mild on your skin and eyes.

We have a fine range of spa chemicals all of which can safely be used with any wooden hot tub or plastic spa. You can even use it for your existing  pool! The chlorine content in the water or even the bromine content can be greatly reduced with the help of these chemicals from Cedar Tubs Direct. These chemicals are specialty products and cause minimal irritation or rash on the skin. These have been formulated keeping in mind some of the most sensitive skin. Hence when you purchase specialty spa chemicals from Cedar Tubs Direct you know you are getting a high quality product. Our fine range of water sanitization systems and alternative chemicals come with our trademark quality and guarantee.

SEA Blue

Our exclusive clarifier is a food grade (non toxic) natural emulsifier that puts the sparkle back into your hot tub water.  Cloudy water is caused by finely suspended particles that are too small to be picked up by your hot tub filter.  SEA Blue cause these fine products to attract to one another creating larger particles that can be picked up through the filter system.  By doing so the water become crystal clear.  SEA Blue provides an overall solutions to water clarity and greatly reduces the amount of sanitizer required.

Nature Pur

Nature Pur is a natural enzyme that is completely natural and harmless.   This enzymes digest unsightly body oils and dead skin.  Every seen Bath Tub Ring or Hot Tub Ring?  This is caused by the oils accumulating on the top water line of the hot tub.  By adding an ounce or two of  Nature Pur, you will eliminate the build up.  Oils are also a major cause in premature hot tub filter failure.  The oil will clog the filter making it ineffective.   Nature Pur attacks these oils leaving the filter free and clear to do its job.   Nature Pur greatly reduces the amount of bromine or chlorine added to any hot tub.


Oxy-Pur & Mineral Aid

Our leading two part liquid bromine sanitization system.  This system uses natural bromide liquid salts (same salt found in the therapeutic waters of the dead sea).  The liquid salt reacts with Oxy Pur (a MPS non chlorine shock).  The Oxy Pur breaks the salt Na Br into a pure  bromine(Br) sanitizer.  Unlike other sanitization systems there are no powders or liquid binders that can create harsh odors and burn the eyes or skin.  The cycle is perpetual, once the bromine is used up it reverts back to bromide salt in a continuous reaction.   The Oxy-Pur is also a very strong oxidizer that can be used with Mineral Aid as an effective shock.  It is recommended to be used safely with our mineral ionizer or ozone systems to provide a strong level of extra protection.


Alkalinity increaser

Our state of the art alkalinity increaser is fondly called Alka-Rise. This special chemical prevents any erratic changes in the pH levels of your tub water or spa pool by providing a buffer. This special product enables the bromine and chlorine in the water to function more effectively thereby ridding the water of any germs and toxins. Our product Alka-Rise is perfectly compatible with sanitizers such as biguanide, bromine as well as chlorine.

Anti foam defoamer

This specialty spa product called anti foam defoamer will remove all unwanted bubbles in your hot tub or spa water. Our anti foam chemical is completely compatible with all sanitizers like biguanide, bromine as well as chlorine. Sometimes the cause of bubbles can be due to phosphates which are residues of bathing suits. All you have to do is squirt a tiny amount of anti foam into the bubbles and they vanish into thin air!

Calcium increaser

Our calcium increaser is used to increase calcium levels in softer city water. It is completely dissolved in the water and you can use your spa right afterwords. Our calcium increaser is called Cal-Rise and is completely compatible with all sanitizers like biguanide, bromine as well as chlorine. Having low levels of calcium in the water can often cause metal corrosion in the spa, spa foaming as well as spoil your heater elements as well. This is where Cal-Rise comes to the rescue in making your spa last for years!

pH Balancers

pH Booster and pH Reducer is are radical pH balancers that raises or lower pH levels in your hot tub water and spa. pH Booster is completely compatible with all sanitizers like biguanide, bromine as well as chlorine. If the pH level gets too low it can cause an acidic water to form which can cause skin irritation. This is why you need pH Booster.  If the level gets too high it can lead to premature heater failure and ineffective sanitization.

Check out some of our other alternative sanitization systems such as ozone and mineral ionization.  When used in combination you can virtually eliminate any Halogen (bromine or chlorine) sanitizers