Japanese Wood Ofuro Soaking Tub for 2 - Wood Fired Heater

Japanese Wood Ofuro Soaking Tub for 2 - Wood Fired Heater


    Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub with Wood Fired Heater 2 person Cedar Wooden Hot Tub with Wood fired water stove The finest hot tub made! Now you can enjoy a soaking hot tub without any electrical costs, using our unique wood fired boiler system! 2 Perso Read More
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Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub with Wood Fired Heater

Best of Class Rating

2 person Cedar Wooden Hot Tub with Wood fired water stove

The finest hot tub made! Now you can enjoy a soaking hot tub without any electrical
costs, using our unique wood fired boiler system!

2 Person Wood Fired Cedar Soaking Hot Tub


Authentic 100% Cedar Hot Tub


Made from Grade "A" Clear Western Red Cedar

35" diameter by 30" tall by 68" long Seats 2


This one of a kind, Japanese 2 person soaking  hot tub, is the most beautiful hot tub experience you will ever find. The natural look of 100% beautiful western red cedar will make this hot tub the focal point of any back yard or cottage setting. This extra deep soaking tub provides the relaxing therapeutical benefits of a regular hot tub without the noise or extra cost associated with an electric hot tub.

We are the manufacture Northern Light Cedar Tubs Inc. Located centrally in Canada, makes it very affordable to ship to any state or province in North America. We also have a large dealer network to service Europe (see about US). For over a two decades we have been producing the worlds finest real cedar hot tubs.

This tub will seat 2 people. It has a height of 30" and nearly 26" of interior soaking. This extra depth provides a very comfortable buoyancy floating effect that makes relaxing in one of these tubs truly superior over a molded shallow plastic tub. It is this extra depth that makes our tubs so popular!

This oval shaped Ofuro Hot Tub comes fully assembled and will fit through any door way with an opening of 30"

The unique Stainless steel TimberLine wood fired hot tub heater use no electricity and yet circulates the water naturally using a process called "Thermosiphon". This allows you to completely enjoy a soak without noise and without electricity!

Thermosiphon Principle

Winter use: The TimberLine heater comes with two port plugs. These can be used to drain the TimberLine by opening its drain valve with out draining the entire tub. This allows you to safely use the tub in winter months with out constantly draining the tub.

We use western red cedar for one reason, It is the BEST! No other wood has the insulating value of cedar. The cedar provides a natural insulating tub that is equivalent to a plastic tub. Cedar has long been know for its resilience to decay and rot. Cedar is the choice outdoor wood for most high-end custom homes. It has the ability to withstand extreme temperature variations including moisture and heat. Cedar is naturally resistant to termites and other insects.

This is the most cost-effective wood fired hot tub on the market.  The wood fired hot tub stove is 100% stainless steel and comes complete with internal temperature gauge, water drain, and pressure release valve for added safety.

Included with this hot tub is a custom set of cedar stairs. This makes getting in and out of this tub much easier. Inside the hot tub you will find a cedar back rest that can be removed if needed. A custom cedar shelf is also included that is perfect for placing a drink or a bottle of wine.

Our tubs are often specified by architects in custom design homes. They are unique in their design and beauty, and offer home owners a retrieve from life's everyday stresses. Their simplicity in design, using ancient "cooperage" (barrel making), will be the center of discussion and envy amongst friends and neighbors.


Product List:


•​ Preassembled Ofuro oval tub 68" long by 35" wide and 30" tall
•​ 3 x 304L grade stainless steel straps
•​ Marine grade 3" thick vinyl cover with child locks and aluminum support brace (forest green)
•​ 1 top through port
•​ 1 bottom suction
•​ Stainless TimberLine Wood Fired Hot Tub  with dual burning chambers that eliminate top sparks from the Chimney (35,000 BTU)
•​ All plumbing including CPVC piping, valves, connections
•​ Cedar stairs
•​ Cedar Shelf
•​ Cedar Back Rest
•​ 3 year warranty of all parts Next Business Day Replacement.
•​ Full engineering and technical support



Timberline Wood Fired  Heater



Camp Fire Wood Water Stove 35,000 BTU



Connection Kit Included


TimberLine Specifications


•​ High grade stainless steel stove body
•​ Dimensions: 16" wide x 23" long x 18" high
•​ Weight: 59-lbs.
•​ 1/8-inch steel stove front
•​ Heavy Stainless steel door and grates
•​ Hot Tub Connection kit (see photo)
•​ Generous size firebox, 18"L x 14"W x 10"H
•​ Vented smoke-outlet for secondary combustion.
•​ 3/4-inch drain for freeze protection.
•​ An ash drawer for easy removal of ashes.

The success of our company is due to the quality of our tubs, however, you will quickly find that our attention to customer support it what sets us apart from any other hot tub company on the market. 





  • Foundation should be level 3' x 5' using either concrete paving blocks or a cement foundation
  • Fire Box is 18" deep
  • Heat up time is 1-2 hours depending on starting water temperature
  • Note: 4" chimney adapter is included
  • Floor drain connects to 1 1/2" PVC pipe (pipe not provided)
  • 150-180 gallons depending on fill height
  • Weight empty 150 lbs



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