Heat Pump Spa Retrofit Kit – Circulation System with 015ZA/B Arctic Heat Pump

Heat Pump Spa Retrofit Kit – Circulation System with 015ZA/B Arctic Heat Pump


  Heat Pump Spa Retrofit Kit – Circulation System with 015ZA/B Arctic Heat Pump Requires Read More
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Hot Tub Heater Description


Heat Pump Spa Retrofit Kit – Circulation System with 015ZA/B Arctic Heat Pump

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Comes complete with the 015ZA/B Arctic Heat Pump, 5 KW electric backup heater, 0.15 HP circulation pump, 50 sq. ft. filter (Spa Pack plumbed with 1.5" PVC), 24' of 1.5" flex pipe for connection to hot tub.

Example connection with cedar hot tub
Plumbing example with cedar hot tub (cedar hot tub not included)

Seamless integration with Arctic Heat Pumps - Turn any hot tub into a cold plunge

Spas are traditionally known for the therapeutical benefits of warm water and Hydrotherapy provided by powerful jets. But sometimes it is just too hot for a hot tub. Ever been in a hot tub that is just slightly too hot? Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly reduce the temp just a few degrees? With the Arctic Spa Pack and Arctic Heat Pump you can quickly turn down the temp and enjoy your hot tub in minutes not hours.

What about really cold tubs? The benefits of cold-water therapy have widely become know in the medical community and cold plunge tubs have been used for years in sports recovery for high end athletes. A cold tub is requirement for any sauna aficionado to properly take advantage of immersion therapy of both hot and cold. With climate change come hotter and hotter summers. Having the option to cool off any time you want is a welcoming feature of the Northern Lights, Arctic Hybrid System.

AHP Spa Pack Heat and Chill

The Arctic Spa Pack integrates completely with the Arctic Heat Pump. As soon as you turn the temperature down below the tubs current temperature, the LCD display will switch and show “Chilling.” The Spa Pack will then send a signal to the heat pump to open its four-way reversing valve and in minutes will be chilling the tub.

Automatic Mode – simply set it and forget it. If the weather turns too hot, your spa will always remain at the temperature you set it to. If you want to have a cold chill tub but don’t want your spa to freeze during the cold season, the Northern Lights Arctic Spa system will add heat when needed to keep your tub from freezing and should the weather suddenly get warm, the system will start to chill.

Includes 015ZA/B Arctic Heat Pump

Arctic Spa Pack Integrates Seamlessly with the Arctic Heat Pump



Arctic Heat Pumps Advanced Control System

Spa Pack Specifications

• Model # - SMTD-1000-NL-AHP with NL-1005AHP Topside Controller
• 2 speed pump 240V
• Circulation Pump 240V
• Light - 12VAC
• Heater - 5.5KW / Heat Pump Hybrid Ready
• Power - 240V
• Aux on/off - 240V
• Heat Pump on/off - Dry contact
• Heat Pump heat/cool - Dry contact
• Amperage - 41A
• Breaker Capacity - 50 Amps 
• Wire Size - #6 AWG copper conductor
• UL Certified
• Dimensions - 19” W X 14.5” H X 5.5” D
• Includes 2" PVC connections
•  IPX4 weather resistance
• 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
• Made in the USA


Heat Pump Specifications

• 1.5" water connections
• Max Amps 5.2
• 220-240 VAC
• Output 5.2 Kw (17,742 BTU)
• Weight 128LBS (58 Kg)
• Flow rate 16 GPM (pool pump sold separately)
• 41" long x 16" wide x 23" tall
• 1 year parts warranty - 2 year compressor warranty (Extended Warranty Available)


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