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Bromine Pool and Spa Tablets - round mini pucks 700g


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Bromine Pool and Spa Tablets - Round Mini Pucks 700 g


Bromine Tablets

Sanitizing your spa or pool has become easy and efficient with Northern Lights bromine tablets.

Just fill your standard spa tablet dispenser with our pucks and enjoy a clean and sanitized spa environment.

"Approved for all Wooden Hot Tubs, Pools, and Spas"

Bromine Tablets 700g

Northern Lights Bromine tablets Spa are specially formulated to work with all hot tubs and spas. These tablets work with standard spa puck dispensers. Controls bacteria and algae in spa water.

When used as directed bromine tablets are effective as spa water sanitizer and disinfectant.

Fill dispenser, and adjust dial to an appropriate sanitization level for the water volume based on a water test reading.


Benefits of using Bromine instead of Chlorine 

Chlorine pucks have a shelf life and after one year half of the gas trapped in the powdered puck could escape. Bromine has no shelf life.

After Chlorine has killed bacteria it becomes inert, whereas bromine has an interesting property where adding spa shock to your spa like most users do regenerates bromine salt into bromine. This means with the addition of spa shock bromine will last much longer then chlorine.

Although chlorine can fight against algae more efficiently, Bromine is a more effective bacteria and virus killer.

Chlorine combines with nitrogen and ammonia in spa water, and the combination is responsible for the red eyes, itchy skin, and awful smell associated with chlorine spas. Bromine does not combine with ammonia or nitrogen in a way that produces these negative side effects.

In the high heat of a hot tub, chlorine is very active and tends to dissolve into its gas form quickly resulting in inefficiency. Bromine is not affected in the heat of a hot tub.

Chlorine losses 75% of its sanitation ability when it come in contact with the high Ph levels that tend to  result from multiple users in a spa at once. Bromine is not affected by high Ph levels nearly as inefficiently.



Size: 700 g (1.5 lbs)


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  • Manufactured by: Northern Lights