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Spa Heaters

Spa Heaters

A spa has proven to give users a host of health and wellbeing benefits and in fact, there may be no better way to relax than in a spa and although a home spa is able to offer endless hours of blissful pleasure, when spa heaters or other components stop working, attempting to find affordable spa heaters may remove the pleasure from spa ownership. However, thanks to the easy-to-use website of Cedar Tubs Direct, spa owners around the county can now source spa heaters, hot tub heaters, as well as spa chemicals and a range of other spare parts via an online resource. As with all appliances or machinery, the lifespan of spa heaters are limited, and will at some point need to be replaced or repaired and quite often, owners are in two minds about total replacement or overhaul of the spa heaters. To this end, Cedar Tubs Direct has posted a number of worthwhile hints and tips, which will give spa owners the chance to assess the condition of their spa heaters and base their decision on their assessment. Should the facts point to a replacement of the heater, Cedar Tubs Direct stocks the best range of spa heaters at the best prices, which include the Northern Lights heater that is a well-known name in the industry.


Many of the spa heaters have been produced by using 100 percent surgical stainless steel and the most well-known manufacturers of spa heaters is Balboa, which not only produce spa heaters, but also pumps spas. However, to ensure that online buyers of spa heaters can locate the correct spa heaters that are compatible with their type of spa, Cedar Tubs Direct has formed partnerships with a number of well-known spa heater manufacturers and to this end, buyers will receive the assurance that their spa heaters are supported with a manufacturer's warranty. Cedar Tubs Direct is also on hand to offer support and technical expertise to buyers of hot spa heaters along with other spare parts and components should they require support during the installation of the spa heaters. In addition, we will gladly help clients with troubleshooting of spa components and spa heaters, making certain that the correct item is bought.


Cedar Tubs Direct is frequently referred to as "The best hot tubs and spa parts store!", and because of the fact that Cedar Tubs Direct has the widest selection of spa parts and spa heaters; Cedar Tubs Direct has managed to remove the hassle out of trying to find a suitable replacement spa heater. Cedar Tubs Direct is committed to offering the best quality products, and the spa heaters have been obtained from many well-known names in the industry, which include the likes of Northern Lights, Pentair, Gecko and Balboa. In order to meet their commitment to quality, Cedar Tubs Direct guarantees the highest level of customer service and because Cedar Tubs Direct is a family-owned and operated business, customer service is focused on strong family values. Please feel free to view the Cedar Tubs Direct website at 

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