Hot Tub Pumps

Hot Tub Pumps

Cedar Tubs Direct is the major supplier of discount spa parts, sauna supplies and spa heaters and hot tub pumps. Browsing the online site customers will discover a selection of quality hot tub pumps from industry leading manufacturers such as Pentair. Cedar Tubs Direct is also able to offer environmentally safe spa chemical systems that are certified for use in both wooden tubs and plastic spas. The alternative spa sanitizers such as Mineral Ionizers can be used by acrylic spa owners requiring a safer and healthier sanitization system. Cedar Tubs Direct's hot tub and spa chemicals are safe to use in any plastic or wooden spa.


Dan Jung, the President of Northern Lights, the parent company of the online division of Cedar Tubs Direct, states that the facility is the manufacturer of the world's finest wood hot tubs and saunas. The suppliers of the superior hot tub pumps and spa heaters are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The focus of Cedar Tubs Direct is to provide customers with high quality hot tub pumps and sauna products at very affordable prices. Cedar Tubs Direct also offers free technical support for the life of any product purchased. Cedar Tubs Direct is a small family operation with family values at its core and the manufacturer-direct model of operations ensures very fair prices. Customers purchasing the hot tub pumps from Cedar Tubs Direct will receive an attentive and product-knowledgeable service.


Cedar Tubs Direct uses only the best hot tub pumps in its tubs. A pump must have a critical reliability feature. Cheap hot tub pumps will not have a long life and pump failure can result in impairment to the hot tub, possibly leading to flooding and other home damage. Cedar Tubs Direct's Ultra Jet hot tub pump represent a superior hot tub pump built for long pump life and has a quiet operation and energy efficiency. The main factors to consider when ordering hot tub pumps are the pump voltage, the pump speed and the pump amps. The line of hot tub pumps from Cedar Tubs Direct can replace most other brands of hot tub pumps. The engineer of Cedar Tubs Direct will advise customers of the specific replacement model for their hot tubs.


Cedar Tubs Direct does not offer a vast ten thousand part inventory to customers but the parts offered are reliable quality components that can be used to replace spa and tub parts in almost any hot tub or sauna. Spa parts are always in stock as they are used in the facility's own manufacturing processes. Cedar Tubs Direct sells only brand name hot tub pump such as Pentair and customers can be assured that all products are brand new and come with the manufacturers' warranties. Customer's orders a hot tub pump will be processed in an efficiently short time and the in-house engineering department will respond to all queries and concerns. The engineering staff will work closely with customers during the installation of the hot tub pumps and provide any technical support required.