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Balboa Spa Pack Features 

Balbo Heatrer Comparison

Features VS501Z VS520SZ EL2000M3
5.5 Kw Heater 220 VAC X X X
Separate Optional Aux 5.5 Kw Heater X X X
240 VAC or 120 VAC X X 240 VAC
120/240 Volt output receptacle X X X
Separate voltage for ozone & blower common common X
2 -Speed Pump 1 X X X
1-Speed Pump 2   see note X
2-Speed Pump 2   X X
1-Speed Blower or Pump 3 X X X
Circulation Pump X X X
Ozone X X X
Audio Visual Equip X X X
12 Volt Light X X X
Light switchable to 12 volt or 120 VAC     X
Fiber Optic Wheel Light     X
Real Time Clock     X
Standard, Economy, Sleep Mode X X X
12 hour filter cycle X X X
24 hour filter cycle     X
Filter cycle program by time of day     X
Filter cycle increments     Fully Adjustable
Clean up cycle (filter & ozone on after use)     X
Ozone temp deactivation only when jets are on only when jets are on X
Freeze Protection X X X
Diagnostic messaging X X X
IR Dolphin Remote Control Option (short range) X X X
RF Station Wireless Remote Control (long range)     X
Wireless PC Remote Control via USB     X
Standard Topside VL403 VL701S ML700S
Optional Topside VL401 VL700S ML400S
Cables provided      
1-speed 3 conductor Cables 1 2 2
2-speed 4 conductor Cables 1 2 2
12 Volt light wiring Kits 1 1 1
4-pin AMP connector 1 1 1
Tech Support 1 800 by NLCT X X X
3 year Warranty X X X