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Spa Control Packs

Nothing quite compares to the relaxation offered by a spa; however, all machinery and appliances, spa heaters, pumps and other components will need replacing at one stage or another. In a lot of cases, attempting to find affordable and good quality spa equipment can be a time-consuming and expensive task, but thanks to the Cedar Tubs Direct website, countrywide spa owners can make their purchase of the highest quality spa equipment and components at the best possible prices. Cedar Tubs Direct stocks the latest in spa and hot tub equipment and accessories and spa control packs are the area of expertise of Cedar Tubs Direct. In order to allow spa control pack buyers to enjoy maximum convenience, the Cedar Tubs Direct website has categorized all of their spa and hot tub items, which include spa control packs, chemicals, sauna accessories, hot tub accessories, heaters, pumps and filters. Furthermore, once the purchase has been made, Cedar Tubs Direct will ship the spa control packs, or other accessories, to any location in North America. In light of the fact that the prices of the extensive range of hot tub accessories and spa control packs are well priced and below that of other spa equipment suppliers, utilizing the online buying portal to purchase spa control packs, along with other necessary spa and hot tub equipment, such and heaters and pumps, is an excellent choice.


The spa control packs contain the components that are necessary to control the functions of the spa. The spa control packs are made up of a control box, heater, and circuits for the blower, light, ozonator and a second pump if required, and due to the fact that the spa control packs are responsible for the functioning of the spa, they are often referred to as the brain of the spa. The Balboa VS501Z 5.5-1.5kW digital spa control pack has been voted as the world's best spa control and the unit is manufactured and produced in the United States. This revolutionary spa control pack will make certain that spa users do not have hassles with the sensor switch and the smart sensor technology of the spa control pack will provide buyers the reassurance that the safety functions for the spa control are active, and will provide an automatic adaptation to flow direction, which has totally eliminated excessive cycling. For users who are seeking to purchase spa control packs that they can use to successfully upgrade their existing spa tub, the Balboa VS501z offers the very last in technology.


Other features of the spa control pack are the cycle program, sleep mode, economy mode and the self-diagnosis problem. The Balboa spa control packs are sold with a stainless steel portable heater, a 12-volt light wiring assembly, with AMP plug, one loose 4-pin AMP plugs and a waterproof control instruction sheet and instruction manual. The Balboa VS501z with MZ technology is highly recommended to all spa owners, and for buyers wishing to view the complete range of features and the specifications of the spa control pack, the Cedar Tubs Direct website at shows all the relevant information.