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Salt Water Sanitization System


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Salt Water Sanitization System

Tubby Spa Pilot Saltwater Sanitizer Kit
Easiest kit on the Market to convert your spa.

Want to switch to Salt Water sanitization, but don't want to re-plumb your hot tub or spa? Finally a solution. The tubby salt water sanitizer kit is made by Lectranator the world largest manufacturer of commerical salt water pool system. This simple but effective kit requires absolutely no plumbing.

Add you Tubby Starter Salts to the water. Install the Tubby by plugin it into a GFI protect plug or your spa pack. Adjust the power setting according the rate of chlorine you tub size requires. Add Power Pouches or MPS Shock after bathing.

Salt water sanitization is quickly becoming the choice system for sanitizing hot tubs, spas and pools. Salt water has been used in Europe and Australia for nearly 40 years and is only now becoming popular in North America.

How does it work?

The system works with a convection cell, which produces sanitizer with a micro-bubble action that propels water over the cell, eliminating the need to run the circulation pump continuously. Simply place the cell in the spa water while the spa is not in use and remove it to enjoy the spa. The Tubby™ Sanitizing System helps protect spas, minimizes maintenance and even clarifies the water. It will sanitize any portable spa up to 600 gallons and includes a three year, over-the-counter warranty.

Once the Tubby Starter Blend is added to your freshly filled tub, the dream begins. Salt in the Tubby Starter Blend is broken down by electrolysis down to produce pure chlorine gas in your spa's water. Bromine can be generated with the addition of bromaid (also supplied). The Power Pouches or another MPS shock such as Oxy-Pur should be added after each use. This will ensure that any organic debris is oxidized. It will also help keep the pH level stable.

The most amazing thing with salt water sanitization is that it is a perpetual reaction. NaCl (table salt) or NaBr (bromine salt) is broken down into pure chlorine (Cl) or bromine (Br) with a positively charge Na (sodium) ion left over. However once the Cl or Br attacks the foreign matter (sanitizes) it then returns back to the Na molecule and becomes NaCl or NaBr once again. This means you only add the salt once and the reaction works until you decide to drain the water. Customers have reported as long as one year before water changes!

The hassle of adding and handling chlorine or bromine is gone forever. Traditional sanitizer become a fading memory. The mild Salt water leaves your skin silky smooth. No more red stinging eyes or bleach out bathing suits. The Tubby is so simple to use it has been awarded the top 50 Products by Pool and Spa news in 2007!


  • 120 VAC power supply (need to plug directly to a GFI protected circuit)
  • Tubby power cell which contains a special metallic electrode
  • # State-of-the-art Microprocessor Controls – The millivolt DC current is supplied to the metallic electrode in the power cell
  • Adjustable power source – Helps with accuracy in maintaining the correct chlorine or bromine levels.
  • Test kit for correct salt lever mineral levels as well as 4 way test kit.
  • Start Salt Blend for up to 600 gallons
  • Bromaid for converting to bromine sanitizer
  • Power Pouches for Non Chlorine shock treatment
  • Detailed instructions
  • Will sanitize up to 600 Gallons
  • 3 year warrantyFull CSA and UL approval

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  • Manufactured by: Lectranator

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