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Gecko Heaters


Gecko Heaters

Quality spa and sauna gecko heaters allow you to luxuriate in your spa the whole year round, even in colder weather. Cedar Tubs Direct is an authorized dealer of gecko heaters plus a vast selection of the best quality parts and accessories for spas and saunas on the market. Beauty institutions, gymnasiums, health spas, resorts and private owners of related centers with these facilities will find us a one-stop online store for everything you need. Never compromise on quality by buying cheap because in the long run it will cost you more. If you want the best in water heating systems, then use gecko heaters, which are a sought-after, quality, brand names that are preferred over many others.


Many people enjoy relaxing in a warm spa after a hard day’s work or on weekends, and if you own a large sauna or spa you can socialize with family and friends. No doubt you have seen many a movie where people are relaxing with a glass of wine in a spa, while jets of water and bubbles soothe tired muscles and rejuvenate your skin. Quality heaters maintain the water temperature just the way you want it, and most have a thermostat to adjust the temperature to suit your needs. If you are having problems with your spa heaters, consider investing in gecko heaters that will last from Cedar Tubs Direct. We also stock quality Balboa heaters and Pentair water systems, also highly regarded in the industry, which means we can satisfy any tastes.


When you are replacing gecko heaters in your spa, make certain to select the right wattages according to your spa specifications. In most cases, you will find the part number indicated which makes it pretty simple to find the right replacement part as well. If you are not sure on how to install it, then call a qualified electrician to help you for safety. In many cases, it is not necessary to replace the exact brand name parts into your spa because other models, like gecko heaters for example, will also fit perfectly and provide you with years of satisfactory services. You are welcome to use our live help feature when available, or give us a call and speak to expert personnel that will be happy to help you.


Cedar Tubs Direct is a one-stop online store that carries a vast selection of all the spares and accessories you need, and you will see that our prices are simply unbeatable with customer services to match. Whether you wish to invest in a gecko heater or any of the other makes we have in stock, you will find that, by comparison with competitors, we are head and shoulders above the rest. Register with our mailing list to take advantage of interesting information that will help you maintain your spas and saunas and at the same time, grab extra savings with a discount coupon we provide to say thank you for shopping online in our spa and sauna parts store.