Balboa GFCI 40 breaker and box

Balboa GFCI 40 breaker and box


            Balboa GFCI 40 breaker and box Balboa 40 AMP GFCI breaker "Approved protection for all hot tubs and pools"   Read More
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Balboa GFCI 40 breaker and box

Balboa 40 AMP GFCI breaker "Approved protection for all
hot tubs and pools"


Balboa GFCI 40 breaker   Balboa GFCI 40 Box


Balboa is the world leader in hot tub heaters and controllers. By law and for your safety, all electrical connections must be protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. In case of accidental current leakage the GFI will trip ensuring you and your families protection. This unit is weatherproof and can be installed outdoors.

By law in most states a hot tub needs to have a emergency shut off located within 5-10 feet of the hot tub. By using a junction box with the GFI included serves as a quick shut off to the pool or hot tub.

Proprietary GFCIs installed in your main breaker can cost as much as $400, and if you are using outdoor cable the extra cost will also add to the installation. By putting the GFCI near the hot tub instead of your main breaker panel, you are no longer forced to buy a special breaker designed to fit only your panel. You can also run cheaper indoor cabling to the junction box and terminate and run more pricey out door cable only were needed. This 40 Amp breaker will run most standard hot tubs using 5.5 Kw heater and up to 4 HP pumps and accessories.


An electrician must be hired to hook up the electrical service to this GFCI breaker .   You should consult your local municipality regarding all required codes for a hot tub or pool prior to installation.


This  Square D, 40 amp GFCI with load neutral comes fully assembled in a UL listed box.  The unit is clearly labeled for ease of installation and proper hookup.  A complete wiring diagram is also included. 

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