Balboa EL2000 Hot Tub Heater - El2000 Spa Pack - PN# 55065-04

Balboa EL2000 Hot Tub Heater - El2000 Spa Pack - PN# 55065-04


  Balboa EL2000 - Elite Series    5.5-1.5 Kw Digital Spa Controller Multiple Pumps- This is the world's most advanced spa pack! - Made in America   Read More
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Balboa EL2000 - Elite Series Description

Balboa EL2000 - Elite Series


 5.5-1.5 Kw Digital Spa Controller
Multiple Pumps- This is the world's most advanced spa pack! - Made in America


Balboa EL2000

OEM Part number 56065-04 or 53884-05



This spa pack, which is part of Balboa’s Elite line, it targeted at commercial spa owners or owners of residential spas who require some additional sophistication in the control options or who require remote (wireless) control & monitoring.

The Balboa EL2000M3 has control options such as ozone suppression, clean up cycle after use, panel lock features, real time clock allowing filter cycles set by time of day and on a 12 hr or 24hr cycle, support of both 12 volt and 120 volt lights as well as fiber optic wheel lights and, importantly, this line supports wireless RF remote control and monitoring including by computer software and through modem or high speed networks.

It uses M7 Technology which is simply the best spa pack technology on the market. Completely digital circuitry means less failure, more accurate heating range (+/- 1 degree F).



Although this spa pack can work at 120 VAC in which case it will produce 1.4KW of heat, it is primarily expected that it will be used at 230 VAC (requiring 30-60 AMP service) and will produce 5.5 KW of heat. One or more auxiliary heater, each producing 5.5kW can be slaved to the unit. It fits standard 2" piping making it ideal to upgrade any older mechanical or digital spa pack.

Built in programmable features such a filter cycle programming by duration or time of day, various power saving modes including sleep mode, economy mode, standard in economy mode, ozone suppression, clean up cycle, freeze protection, panel lock, temperature lock, standby mode for filter changes and sophisticated diagnosis and reminder measures are just some of the features. It also has the ability to select how much current will be drawn allowing a breaker as low as 30 Amp, yet still deliver the full 5.5 kW of electric heat. It has receptacles for the following:

one 2-speed pump 1; one 1-speed pump 2 (which can be filed altered to handle a 2-speed pump); one blower or 3rd Pump 3; one circulation pump; one ozonator; one constant-on for Audio/Visual devices; one 12 volt light or LED or fiber wheel. The light circuit is convertible to 120 VAC. All receptacles can be switched to supply 120 Volts or 230 Volts

Comes complete with:

• EL2000M3 pack with 2" PVC heater tail pieces
• Complete instruction manual for retrofit situations produced by Northern Lights

The Patented M7 Technology removes the need for pressure sensors and remote heat sensors common on other older spa packs. This unique technology allows the spa pack to be positioned in any location or direction (before or after the pump or before or after the filter).


Balboa EL2000


• 11.25” High x 19.5” Long x 4.60” Deep
• RU and CSA, certification
• Requires Balboa ML series panels and has connectors for 3 main panels and two auxiliary panels
• Optional infrared remote control is available
• Optional RF wireless control and monitoring is available (3 types of systems)
• 120 or 230 VAC ozone support
• 240VAC @ 60 Hz, 30-60 Amp 3 wire (needs neutral wire)
• High or Low current mode
• Max Load ratings: Pump 1= 16 amp; Pump 2 = 16 Amp; Pump 3/Blower = 12 amp; • Circulation Pump = 5 amp; Ozonator = 1 amp; A/V = 5 amp; Light = 12 v or 120 v @ 1 amp
The flow through heater tube must be a minimum of 23 USGPM if the heater is 5.5kW. This flow rate should be checked if your spa uses a small circulation pump such as those made by Laing, Grundfos or Waterway Mighty-Might. These small pumps when used with 1” piping typically cannot produce this flow. A 3kW heater element is available which reduces flow requirement to 13 USGPM, call us!
Can only handle pump 3 or blower, not both.
Warranty – 2 years for system including Heater and Serial top-side Panel
Pump supplying flow through heater must deliver 23 USGPM or more if heater is in 5.5kW mode. 3kW element is available requiring 13 USGPM, call us!​

What is the difference between the VS520SZ and the EL2000 M3 spa packs? See the Balbao Spec Sheet comparison Matrix. The EL2000 M3 has more control features and has wireless RF control and monitoring capability which the VS series spa packs do not have.

Works with the following Balboa Top Side Controllers

Balboa ML200, Balboa ML240, Balboa ML260, Balboa ML400, Balboa ML550, Balboa Ml 551, Balboa ML553, Balboa ML554, Balboa ML700, Balboa ML900


Balboa Spa Pack Features Comparison

Features Balbao VS501Z Balbao VS520SZ Balbao EL2000
5.5 Kw Heater 240 VAC X X X
Separate Optional Aux 5.5 Kw Heater X X X
240 VAC or 120 VAC X X 240 VAC
120/240 Volt output receptacle X X X
Separate voltage for ozone & blower common common X
2 -Speed Pump 1 X X X
1-Speed Pump 2   see note 1 X
2-Speed Pump 2   X Xsee note 2
1-Speed Blower or Pump 3 X X Xsee note 2
Circulation Pump X X X
Ozone X X X
Audio Visual Equip X X X
12 Volt Light X X X
Light switchable to 12 volt or 120 VAC     X
Fiber Optic Wheel Light     X
Real Time Clock     X
Standard, Economy, Sleep Mode X X X
Standard in Economy Mode     X
12 hour filter cycle X X X
24 hour filter cycle     X
Filter cycle program by time of day     X
Filter cycle increments   2,4, 6, 8hrs and continuous   2,4, 6, 8hrs and continuous Fully Adjustable
Clean up cycle (filter & ozone on after use)     X
Ozone temporary deactivation only when jets are on only when jets are on X
Freeze Protection X X X
Diagnostic messaging X X X
Panel Lock     X
Maintenance Reminders     X
IR Dolphin Remote Control Option (short range) X X X
Optional Wireless Spa Monitor     X
Cables provided      
1-speed 3 conductor Cables      
2-speed 4 conductor Cables      
12 Volt light wiring Kits      
4-pin AMP connector      
Tech Support 1 800 by NLCT X X X
2 year Warranty - spa pack X X X

Note 1 – push button action with 1 speed pump 2 is OFF OFF ON

Note 2 – factory default is pump2 1-speed . Field changeable to support 2-speed pump2 but blower receptacle is then not active

Optional EL2001 Spa wireless controllers


Spa Wireless Monitor
Wireless Spa Remote Monitor


Our on-staff engineer means you get much more than just a quality product when you buy from us. Our engineer will help you before your purchase as well as during installation and will always be there for ongoing support afterwards, FREE OF CHARGE! Call us or email us and you will quickly see our difference!


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